The Soul's Journey: 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Reading
The Soul's Journey: 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Reading
The Soul's Journey: 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Reading
The Soul's Journey: 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Reading

The Soul's Journey: 2023 Year Ahead Astrology Reading

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Let's be honest babe, with all the uncertainty in the world right now, you're open to hearing ANYTHING that will help you feel more at ease, prepared, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way in 2023.

I'm right there with you, and I have created this 2023 Astrology forecast to bring you the comfort, knowledge, and awareness you need to embrace the year ahead as your HIGHEST SELF.

There are some major transits coming in 2023 that will influence everyone: Saturn moving into Pisces, Jupiter moving into Taurus, Pluto moving into Aquarius, Venus retrograde in Leo.... and more! But where the true magic, opportunity, and clarity lays is in YOUR Natal Birth Chart that is unlike any other.

The Souls Journey 2023 Year Ahead Forecast will help you align with the natural rhythms of the Universe so that you have a more enjoyable experience, can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate the challenges in the most aligned way.

In this personalized reading, I will use your own Natal Birth Chart to provide a detailed forecast to help you navigate everything that is coming your way.

I have a couple different options available:

General Overview $111
Approximately 1 Hour Video Recording

  • The "Theme" for the year- the area of your life where the most growth, expansion, and lessons will take place.
  • What your soul is serving up as the greatest challenge/area of hard work in 2023
  • Which area of your life you will experience the most LUCK, positivity and growth in 2023
  • At what times throughout the year you are most likely to experience delays, obstacles, or challenges so that you can be prepared with PLAN B
  • What your soul wants you to put the most energy and action into developing/& progressing in 2023
  • Where the Eclipses will hit your natal chart and bring major fated changes (happens twice per year)
  • Any additional transits that stand out with importance based on your personal natal chart.

Extended Forecast $165
Approximately 1.5+ Hour Video Recording

Includes everything listed in the General Overview plus:
  • Your Lunar Progression indicating your emotional needs and feelings, and how to best get those needs met in the year ahead.
  • Detailed month by month forecast of the transits & how they are likely to impact you so that you have the greatest clarity, can prepare, and can consciously plan ahead for optimal launches, travel, new diet/exercise regimens, focus on relationship opportunities, learn a new skill, etc.
  • Dates for the monthly New & Full Moons and the best intentions to set at this time to work with the Universal Energies for manifestation & healing.

Couples Forecast $185
Approximately 1.5+ Hours

This reading will follow the format of the General Overview readings but speak more specifically to how you and your partner can work together, support each other, plan ahead, and be aware of what's to come so that you're on the same page and have a greater understanding and compassion for what each other might be facing and experiencing throughout the year ahead. I will also take a look at natal chart placements and bring to your attention anything that might be helpful in explaining your communication styles, how your needs can be met, where you're likely to experience challenges, etc.

These readings are video recorded and sent via email with a private Vimeo link to be viewed/downloaded. These readings require a significant amount of time and preparation prior to the actual recording of the video, please allow at least two weeks from the time of purchase to receive your recorded forecast. If you'd like to request an in-person or live zoom recording please email me at



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