Pyrite Cube Tumbles (3pc)

Pyrite Cube Tumbles (3pc)

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Pyrite needs no introduction. This golden cluster just RADIATES prosperity and abundance. But that's not all! Like a wise father who wants the best for you, Pyrite protects and helps you make the best decisions for your highest good. It's like a financial advisor and coach who encourages you to not only aspire for greatness but actually shows you how to get it done. 

Within Pyrites gleaming beauty lies a stone of hidden fire. Pyrite is a stone of action and will, it draws out your potential and stimulates your flow of ideas. It will help you stay motivated and confident to finish everything you start.

In addition, Pyrite is a protector stone. It draws energy from the earth up into your aura creating a shield surrounding you and defending you from spiritual and physical harm. 

  •  Sale includes 3 small cubes
  • Each cube approx 1/2" in size
  • Each cube will vary slightly in size and shape