Moonstone Ring - My Match
Moonstone Ring - My Match
Moonstone Ring - My Match

Moonstone Ring - My Match

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Love wholeheartedly and leave them in a daze with this sparkly stunner. Our authentic Moon Magic Moonstone Ring - My Match features a blush-hued genuine Moonstone surrounded by a delicately paved set of natural White Topaz for extra elegance.  


- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone
- 925 Sterling Silver
- Stone Size: 0.35" x 0.35" (9mm x 9mm)
- Cut: Heart-shaped brilliant cut
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA

How To Style 

The My Match Ring elevates any look - whether it's your drapey t-shirts and jeans or your black-tie cocktail attire.

Gem Info
Our authentic Rainbow Moonstone gems are inspired by the Moon and hand-picked with love in India.
Small inclusions (minerals trapped inside the gem) prove 100% authenticity - so wear your unique gemstone with pride.
Moonstone sparkles with a magical blue and purple shimmer when kissed by the light.
Wash in lukewarm, soapy water and dry using a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid contact with chemicals or bleach.
Moonstone is June’s official birthstone. However, women wear it all year round since it’s the stone for new beginnings. This June beauty is also known as the Traveller's Stone—so bring it with you on all of life’s adventures.