Honey Calcite Tower

Honey Calcite Tower

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Honey Calcite is so much more than just another beautiful crystal! Honey Calcite provides the energetic link you need to put divine inspiration and guidance into ACTION!

Honey Calcite stimulates the mind and your determination to see your ideas, goals, and aspirations through to completion. If you struggle with mind-clutter, overwhelm, or self doubt and fear of criticism, keep your favorite piece of soft, light-filled Honey Calcite near to clear the negative energy blocking you.

Honey Calcite is also a great aid to assist in learning new skills, starting a new area of education or higher learning, or commencing a long-term project that requires commitment and focus.

The many rainbows that can be found in the layers of Honey Calcite also work to activate, clear, and bring harmony to all of your Chakras, making you a clear channel to receive abundance and manifestations!

  • Approximately 3"
  • Each tower will vary slightly in size, shape & color