Flower Agate Mini Moons
Flower Agate Mini Moons

Flower Agate Mini Moons

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Tap into the gentle, nourishing, & encouraging energy of Flower Agate!
Every piece, with it's unique bouquet of flowers held inside, encourages us to grow and flourish along our path. Activating & connecting both the Heart and Root Chakras, Flower Agate helps you let go of fears and doubts so that you can live your life freely & passionately.

Flower Agate is like the best friend who always has your back, gently encouraging you to see your own beauty, value, potential and chase your dreams! Sometimes all you need is a loving nudge from someone you trust to hep you take the next step.

Flower Agate is a stone of New Beginnings, helping you to embrace an energy of curiosity and playfulness as you explore new territory and learn new things. Flower Agate brings about joy and revives our zest for life! Feelings of optimism and expansion replace our self-doubt and mental blocks.

If you are attracted to the feminine energy of a Flower Agate stone, it might be time to plant the seeds of growth in your life. Get ready for a new beginning and season of change, Flower Agate will help you see your transformation through to the end!
  • Each piece will vary slightly in color and pattern
  • Approximately 1"