The Soul's Blueprint: Natal Birth Chart Reading

The Soul's Blueprint: Natal Birth Chart Reading

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Admit it babe, you're Cosmic-Curious. Well.... I'm about to blow your mind!
This Natal Birth Chart Reading will be FULL of all the, "she couldn't possibly have known that!" details you need to validate that Astrology is a legit Science.

In this recorded video reading, I will bring you a clear and concise explanation of your Sun, Moon & Rising sign, how they differ & why they are so valuable and important!

I will also dive into my favorite topic- your "Souls Purpose" in this lifetime by speaking to your South and North Nodes. You'll be blown away as I bring validation to your early childhood experiences and the challenges you've experienced as you've transformed and followed your soul's path toward your North Node. I will bring you more clarity around where you were born to SHINE in this lifetime and HOW you can actually do that in the most authentic and aligned way with ease.

Evert single chart is unique, so I will be sure to bring any important and useful information to your awareness that I recognize upon reviewing your chart.

My intention is to not only show you how valuable and accurate Astrology is and how it can truly be used as a tool for self-awareness, healing, and alignment, but to also give you enough information that will bring you greater clarity, validation around why you've experienced certain things in your life, and the courage to TRUST that the Universe has your back and you are exactly where you are meant to be on this journey.
This can also be purchased as a gift! Please be sure to include the recipients birth information when creating the appointment or note if that information will be provided via email at
  • Approximately 1 hour
  • Requirements: Name, Email address, Exact Birth Time, Birth Location, Full Birth Date
  • Recorded and uploaded to Vimeo within 7 days of scheduled session. Private link to view will be emailed to you/recipient. (This is NOT an in-person reading)
  • Schedule your video recorded session here: