Smokey Quartz Free Form

Smokey Quartz Free Form

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Just as there is smoke after a fire, there's a cloud of raw emotion after a difficult or transformational time in your life.

Smokey Quartz helps you release that stagnant, negative energy that no longer serves you.

Smokey Quartz has one purpose: to help you let go. It will nudge you to stop perpetuating self-pity and fear, helping you to release your emotional baggage & move on from painful memories or habits.

Smokey Quartz is detoxifying on all levels. The grounding energy of Smokey Quartz also helps you to feel more safe, secure and balanced.

Keeping a piece of Smokey Quartz near the entry of your home will help absorb and negative energy that enters and threatens to lower your vibe. It will also help transmute the negative energy in a space after a tense argument.

If you are feeling drawn to Smokey Quartz, it's time to make room for positive feelings and experiences. Work with Smokey Quartz to create that space and move forward.