Labradorite Free Form

Labradorite Free Form

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Labradorite has two powerful characteristics: magic & protection. If you want to awaken your magical powers and tap into your intuitive and psychic abilities, work with this "stone of magic".

Labradorite provides psychic protection, shielding your aura from dark & negative energy from the inside out. The magic and healing energy found in Labradorite can be associated with the beautiful color if it's flash, from bright Orange, to Green, Blue, Purple, or full spectrum Rainbow! The color you are drawn to represents where you are seeking transformation and healing! 😉

Labradorite is also an excellent assistant for accessing insights about your past life. This stone has the power to bring revelations about your soul mission and past-life karma, and it is a great aid in regression therapy. It can also be used to cleanse blockages and is known to stimulate profound spiritual awakenings.
Because it protects your aura, it helps create a safe space for you to dive into and develop your psychic abilities.

If you're feeling drawn to Labradorite, you might just be ready to receive some of the MAGIC it brings!

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