Crystals for Prosperity & Protection

These gorgeous, glossy metallics have found a permanent residence in my home office for 2022. Let me tell you why...

Glamorous gold Pyrite towers radiate vibrations of abundance and wealth. Pyrite is a must-have for your office or workspace if financial growth is part of your 2022 vision. Working with the stone will give you the high energy and motivation you need to conquer any challenge and follow through with your goals. Think of Pyrite as your financial advisor and life coach that encourages you to aspire for greatness & actually get things done.

Bismuth is a crystalline, brittle metal that often forms in spiral layering that resembles stair steps. Rainbow colored Bismuth is a wonderful stone to use for focus & visualization. Incorporate Bismuth as a tool for transformation & change, helping you to adapt to the necessary changes with courage and confidence.

Terahertz releases strong healing vibrations that decrease stress and fatigue induced by your daily hustle. If overactive thoughts, never-ending to do lists, and all the goals you plan to achieve produce feelings of anxiety, stress, and body/mind exhaustion- this potent stone clears and calms your mind so you can use your brainpower in the most efficient way. Terahertz assists in amplifying your energy while balancing the flow of energy through your body throughout the day.

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone for grounding your energy, bringing you back down to earth so that you can regroup and reassess what needs to be done. If group meetings, client calls, or creative projects have you feeling buzzed, sit with some Black Tourmaline to bring you back into the moment so you can move forward to the next task.

Raw Black Tourmaline is the energetic bodyguard you need to keep your energy at the highest possible frequency. It works like a sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds it. Keep It nearby to protect you from negative energy that can kill your vibe and interrupt your productivity.

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