Crystal Spheres: Union of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Crystal Sphere
The crystal sphere is a universal and ancient symbol of unity, completion, and wholeness. Crystal spheres assist in bringing forward clear thinking, integrity, and harmony of the body,mind and spirit. Crystal spheres are often used to increase self-awareness so that you gain a complete picture of yourself or the current situation.
Crystal balls and spheres are excellent tools for divination and for helping to open the third eye chakra. In a practice called scrying, you  “gaze”  into the surface and into depths of the sphere using the crystal ball as a “window” to gain intuitive information.  The  vibration of the crystal ball connects to the energies of the conscious body, making your intuitive visions “seen” from the third eye chakra. Spheres make an excellent focus point for meditation or yoga practice. Additionally,  crystal spheres bring comfort and a sense of grounded safety when held in the hand during times of stress or anxiety.
Unlike the focused energy of a wand or point, the sphere emits energy in all directions equally- moving energy around and through the entire environment. For this reason, crystal spheres are great choices when you want to radiate a particular energy through your home or office space. If you're experiencing frequent arguments with a spouse or your children, place a sphere in the living room to soothe and clear the energy. Crystal spheres can also be helpful in an office setting where chaotic, competitive or difficult energy gets in the way of productivity. Depending on your  needs, find a sphere with the properties you  most want to radiate evenly throughout your space and pay attention to shift in energy.

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