Crystal Pyramid: The Great Energy Vortex

Crystal Pyramkd
A pyramid is a sacred shape that draws energy from the universe and grounds it down to use through the apex. Pyramid crystals are one of the most powerful tools for amplifying intentions and manifestation. While the sacred shape has been used by many ancient civilizations, the most popular one to come to mind is likely the Egyptians! Pyramids are known for their  powerful healing property of preservation. This is why Pyramids in Egypt were created to preserve the mummies of ancient leaders. Even food that was kept in pyramids with the mummies show little sign of decay. Wild right?!
The Native Americans lived in tee-pee tents which collected energy and rejuvenated the people inside. Some also believe that a crystal pyramid 3x the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza is located deep beneath the surface of the Burmuda Triangle and was once central to the lost land of Atlantis. Large Pyramid structures are said to exist hidden in the Amazon rain forest as well.
The preservation powers of the pyramid have been revered by kings and queens and its benefits have been tried and proven over centuries. Today many people today enjoy incredible results when working pyramids for healing and lifestyle improvement. Holding a crystal pyramid creates a vortex of energy in your hand which spreads down into your physical  body and surrounds your aura. It acts as a funnel for wisdom and healing of the universe. More sensitive people frequently feel tingling sensations in their hands or all over their body, and some experience a light trance that allows them to escape their ego and thoughts. Highly empathetic people may experience greater clairvoyant and psychic visions when working with pyramid crystals.
When you work with pyramids in crystal healing, you benefit from the powerful energy of the pyramid and the individual healing properties of the crystal you are working with. If you are seeking to really amplify the properties of a particular stone, getting it in a pyramid shape might amplify the benefits and provide a more noticeable shift for you. If you are working on a particular chakra, placing a pyramid in the stone associated with that chakra on your body will assist in drawing that energy down and into your body to restore balance and harmony.

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