Crystal Clusters: Transmute & Purify Your Environment

Crystal Clusters

Beautiful cluster formations dazzle and beg to touched and admired. You can get lost in the wonder of sparkling points of all shapes and sizes. These clusters occur when multiple crystal points all form on the same matrix. Energy from the matrix base emanates outward in many directions from the crystal points. Crystal points that occur on a cluster are just like other points- they amplify the energy and powerfully direct that energy in the direction of the point.

Not only do clusters radiate powerful energy into the space around them, but they also work to absorb, transmute and purify any negativity in the room. They elevate the overall energy of a space and therefore are fabulous pieces to use as decor in any room you want to encourage positivity and optimism.

Some of the best crystal clusters to use in your home are:
Amethyst Clusters for peace, calm, and heightened intuition
Apophylite Clusters for pure joy, creativity and imagination
Pyrite Clusters for wealth, abundance and luck

At your desk, creating a small grid for prosperity with a center pyrite cluster surrounded by green and gold clusters like aventurine, citrine, and jade will enhance work performance and attract successful outcomes. Add some clear quartz to amplify the grid further! You may also want to keep a small pyrite cluster in you purse/wallet!

Since crystal clusters work wonderfully to cleanse and clear energy, they can also be used to cleanse your other crystals or tumbles! You can simply place the stone on/inside the cluster and leave it there overnight. Amethyst clusters in particular have the strongest powers to transmute negative energy.

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