Aura Crystals : Properties and Healing Benefits

Aura Crystals
Aura crystals are undeniably gorgeous, but you may have wondered if Aura crystals are the real deal or how they get their rainbow-like sheen. 🤔
To achieve the Aura effect, crystals are often bonded with a combination of earth's precious metals. Think of it as Modern Day Alchemy! While these crystals ARE artificially enhanced with modern technology, they still carry the same metaphysical properties you know and love.
Because aura crystals are natural crystals coated in natural metals from earth, you’ll receive the benefits of the crystal itself and the metals used to cover it. The gorgeous colors produced in aura crystals can be used to focus on specific Chakras. Since most aura crystals contain a rainbow-like effect, they’re particularly great for balancing the complete Chakra system. This may be why you are so drawn to them and experience their very uplifting benefits. 🙌🏼
Here are the metals used for different aura crystal varieties:
Angel aura: silver and platinum
Aqua aura: gold
Opal aura: platinum
Flame aura: titanium and niobium
Rainbow aura or Titanium Rainbow aura: gold and titanium
Keep in mind that due to the added value from the Aura process, you may find that Aura crystals are higher in price.
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