Essential Crystals for Manifestation

Two things are required for manifestation- clarity and action. While you may not be able to put a NAME on the exact thing you want, as long as you can describe how you want to FEEL and then take aligned ACTION, the Universe will meet you with the next steps, resources, experiences and opportunities to manifest your desires into your reality.Clear Quartz is the stone that literally helps you get crystal clear about what you want and 'how' to manifest it. It will help clear the clutter of your mind so that you can create a vision that aligns with your true desires, your highest self, and your highest potential. As you gain clarity, your Clear Quartz will assist you...

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Crystal Clusters: Transmute & Purify Your Environment

Beautiful cluster formations dazzle and beg to touched and admired. You can get lost in the wonder of sparkling points of all shapes and sizes. These clusters occur when multiple crystal points all form on the same matrix. Energy from the matrix base emanates outward in many directions from the crystal points. Crystal points that occur on a cluster are just like other points- they amplify the energy and powerfully direct that energy in the direction of the point.Not only do clusters radiate powerful energy into the space around them, but they also work to absorb, transmute and purify any negativity in the room. They elevate the overall energy of a space and therefore are fabulous pieces to use as...

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